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For all you climbers that haven’t gotte

For all you climbers that haven’t gotten the NEW ‘New River Gorge Rock Climbing Guide’, Adventure’s Edge has the guide in the store right now! It’s amazing!

Coopers Rock gate opens tomorrow. Sunny

Coopers Rock gate opens tomorrow. Sunny weather and the outdoors. What a great combination!

Equals 900 batteries!

Coming in August  – Petzl’s new Headlamp Battery Charge — Bringing computer control to the category of the headlamp, Petzl’s CORE System is a rechargeable battery compatible with many of the company’s popular TIKKA and ZIPKA lights. Plug it into a USB computer port to charge. The ion-polymer battery can store enough power for 120 hours of operation.  the charges it will take will save approximately 900 batteries from a land fill.  Eventually they plan to come out with software that you can program the battery pack specifically for the light you need. Petzl’s USB-compatible headlamp recharging system

Happy Birthday Yellowstone NP. March 1,

Happy Birthday Yellowstone NP. March 1, 1872 the world’s first national park came into existence on this date in 1872. Adventure’s Edge is taking a trip to Yellowstone in July