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Footwear & The Heat

Climbing Shoe Delam

The recent hot weather and a really delaminated pair of climbing shoes made me want to post this.  This is a reminder.  Don’t leave footwear in your car, especially not in your trunk!  If you do, the glues that hold the shoes together will melt and the the rubber that they are made of will shrink and your shoes won’t look much like shoes anymore.

Moldy Boot
Reclaimed Boot
Reclaimed Boot

If you store your hiking boots and they get moldy like the boot on the left, there are products that can help.  The boot on the right was cleaned with Nikwax Cleaning Gel, then treated with Nikwax Waterproofing for Leather with a brown dye in it to put some of the color back in it.  Just for good measure it was conditioned and waterproofed with Aquaseal.  Almost good as new.