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There’s an Easter Egg Hunt at Adventure

There’s an Easter Egg Hunt at Adventure’s Edge. Find an egg…for every m&m in the egg you get 5% off (5 m&m’s = 25%) Discount is on only one itemHappy Easter!

For all you climbers that haven’t gotte

For all you climbers that haven’t gotten the NEW ‘New River Gorge Rock Climbing Guide’, Adventure’s Edge has the guide in the store right now! It’s amazing!

Equals 900 batteries!

Coming in August  – Petzl’s new Headlamp Battery Charge — Bringing computer control to the category of the headlamp, Petzl’s CORE System is a rechargeable battery compatible with many of the company’s popular TIKKA and ZIPKA lights. Plug it into a USB computer port to charge. The ion-polymer battery can store enough power for 120 hours of operation.  the charges it will take will save approximately 900 batteries from a land fill.  Eventually they plan to come out with software that you can program the battery pack specifically for the light you need. Petzl’s USB-compatible headlamp recharging system

BPA – Which water bottle?

Since the media has blown up the BPA scare for lexan water bottles we’ve seen an increased demand for aluminum bottles with an interior coating from companies like Sigg and Laken.  However, Nalgene and Camelbak have begun using BPA-Free plastics for their water bottle production.   Stainless steel is probably the most environmentally friendly bottle out there.  Whatever your choice, they all are BPA-Free.  Should you get rid of your old BPA bottles?  That’s a decision that only you can make.  Is it worth the risk?  Is it worth paying $10 to $25 to protect yourself from future potential cancer risks?  Again…it’s up to you.  We have BPA-Free bottles available now.

Patagonia – Trip of a Lifetime

We are running a trip to Patagonia from November 14-22, 2008.  This is going to be amazing…definitely the opportunity of a lifetime.  Sign up now or contact us for more information.

News from Las Vegas

Lots of new clothing and gear for snowboarding, and skiing here in Las Vegas. I’m at the Snowsport Industry Association show looking at all of the new product for next winter. New colors, prints and designs are out there for jackets, pants, boards, bindings and just about anything you can print on. Women get ready. There is a greater focus on product just for you, and I think you’ll like it. Guys…you won’t be left out. New technologies and style for you too. All I can say is it’s almost too much to take in! More later…have to check out the next big thing.