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Snow. Snow. Snow. I heard that I-68 is c

Snow. Snow. Snow. I heard that I-68 is closed at the Md. border, the cross country skiing is more than primo at Snake Hill. It’s all good.

We Rent Cross Country Skis

Wow this snow is amazing. WE RENT CROSS COUNTRY SKIS if you are able to walk to us or have a 4-wheel drive – We Are Open!

I’m really wishing it would snow again.

I’m really wishing it would snow again.

Waterproofing your Shell

If you find your waterproof, breathable shell is no longer shedding water there are a couple of possible solutions. 1) Run a warm iron over your shell to reactivate the water-repellant finish; 2) If that doesn’t work, you can treat it with a durable water repellent (dwr) finish like Nikwax. Hint: Keeping your shell clean will help it last longer. Wash it with a washing agent that is designed for waterproof, breathable garments like Nikwax Tech Wash.

Snake Hill Ski Report

Just received a cross country ski report that on Snake Hill this morning there is about 3″ of dense, cold snow on cold ground, the first decent base of the season. Temps are in the low teens, and the sky is lightly overcast. Conditions in the Big Field are Excellent. Blissful kick. Blissful glide. No icing whatsoever. Other trails are good Rock Skiing. It’s beautiful, and it’s lots of fun. Get out and enjoy it!  Thanks for the update Strat.

Prevent Water Bottle Freeze-Up

It’s cold out there and if you are hiking, camping or skiing in the back country, it is likely that the water in your bottle could freeze.  There are a few things you can do to help prevent water bottle freeze-up:  1) You can fill your water bottle with hot water; 2) Hike or camp with the bottle as close to your core as possible(inside your jacket or sleeping bag); 3) Leave room at the top of the bottle so that the sloshing slows the freezing process;  and 4) Add a powdered drink mix (minimally effective) which may drop the freezing point a degree.  Remember, that even when it’s cold outside you have to stay hydrated.

Sharpen Your Edge.

Welcome to our first posting.   It is a frigid, cold day here in Morgantown, WV.  It makes me think about the icy conditions that we will face on the slopes and trails in the next few days.  Make sure you don’t get caught with dull edges on your snowboard or skis.  You should hand edge them (there’s a hand tuner that you can buy for this) or have them edged professionally at Adventure’s Edge.  For more information, give us a call at 304-296-9007.